January 6th, 2015

Grizzly - грЫзли, грызет-его-не зли =)

Замечательная картинка попалась =))
Кали-фор-ния, Форт Bidwell. Резервация индейцев =))
Тут вам и звезда (кремлевская) и даже медведь в наличии имеется.
Прямо таки филиал россии в калифорнии =)
А сказки и легенды их... Ууу.. =))
Приведу один пример, пожалуй ..=))
Back in the old days, Bear , что в переводе означает "Как медведь потерял свой хвост" =)
Ничего не забрежжило пока в памяти? =)) Тогда продолжим =)

Отрывок в оригинале:
It was the time of year when Hatho, the Spirit of Frost, had swept across the land, covering the lakes with ice and pounding on the trees with his big hammer. Fox made a hole in the ice, right near a place where Bear liked to walk. By the time Bear came by, all around Fox, in a big circle, were big trout and fat perch. Just as Bear was about to ask Fox what he was doing, Fox twitched his tail which he had sticking through that hole in the ice and pulled out a huge trout. “Greetings, Brother,” said Fox. “How are you this fine day?” “Greetings,” answered Bear, looking at the big circle of fat fish. ” I am well, Brother. But what are you doing?” “I am fishing,” answered Fox. “Would you like to try?” “Oh, yes,” said Bear, as he started to lumber over to Fox’s fishing hole. But Fox stopped him. “Wait, Brother,” he said, “This place will not be good. As you can see, I have already caught all the fish. Let us make you a new fishing spot where you can catch many big trout.”
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